Our approach to building Luxury Homes and Renovations by using traditional materials, and innovative solutions, helps  your vision remain unlimited, we can achieve without limits for each custom build. We encourage new and old clients to approach us with unique, and ground breaking projects. UBC can locate, outsource, or manage anything you can imagine.  We are constantly in search of new and interesting materials to use for progressive innovation, we are aware of, and experienced with new trends, including “Green” and “Leeds” building techniques and technologies.

Any type of hardwood, exotic woods that exist on the market is available. We will help your imagination find what it is looking for, we’ve been doing it for 61 years. We are not particularly set on any one single building style for Luxury Homes and Renovations.  We build very traditional homes with traditional finishes and we build ultra-modern, ultra-sleek, high-tech Custom Luxury Homes and Renovations. 

We bring all our strengths to the table for you, we use long proven building techniques, we embody our long held tradition of relentless attention to detail.

Our team is not invigorated or challenged by only building a big house. We achieve our goal of making fine details a focal point.   We will work with you and your Architect or designer,  to ensure unique interior, and trim details are implemented. We will embody your unique sense of design in your home, the style of combined details will remain unique to your Custom Luxury Home or Renovation.

To give our full attention to each vision, we have a limited number of active Custom Luxury Home or Renovation development projects.  Only a select few reserved spaces are allocated each year to Custom Luxury Homes or Renovations that will benefit from our experience and commitment to quality.

Feel free to contact Andy  to inquire about your particular project and timeline.

Our Philosophy at United Building Contractors (UBC) :

  • Quality Materials & Workmanship
  • Attention to Detail
  • “Build it right the first time” approach
  • On-site Management
  • Personal Attention by UBC president with each project
  • Superior Materials